A lone tiger, striding through the jungle, through dark foliage and heavy fog. Both hunter and hunted, the beast has to be careful. Yet anger is filling the air, the beast is ready to ravage, ready to attack, ready to die, ready to be a martyr. The tiger is on the hunt with burning vengeance sitting on its back. The tiger is on the hunt with the intention to kill.

For this year’s Angewandte Festival, a single artist has taken over the whole of the Drawing and Printmaking studio, exhibiting many artworks of their wide-ranging oeuvre (while showing their Poster Project outside). In their solo show “Sacrificial Tiger”, Rath adresses extremely contemporary topics and gives the audience extensive food for thought.

Rath, born 1998 in Paris, is a presence in the class since 2019. They convey highly political messages through bold and colorful imagery, critiquing societal circumstances through a naive lens. With imagery of animals, words or ornaments both symbolic and literal, these calls for change speak directly to the spectators, moving them to think about their own actions, as well as those of society on a wider scale.