Ausstellung 15.-18. Juni 2022 in SEHSAAL, Zentagasse 38, 1050 Wien.
Öffnungszeiten 16.-18. Juni: 15-19 Uhr

The first year students of the department for Graphics and Printmaking of the University of Applied Arts Vienna are getting emotional.

The first two semesters in the class were characterized by orientation and experimentation.
Given the privilege of so many different mediums of artistic expression, the seven students decided to work together on a topic that is ever present and connects us all: The topic of feelings.
The past year has been shaped by a global pandemic, a war next door, the ever present climate crisis and many more humanitarian disasters. The overarching theme of feelings aims to reflect the present surroundings without treating them insufficiently.
Everyone in the group is full of feelings, all the time. Like a Piñata filled with confusion, happiness, indifference, love, anger, fear, sadness, admiration, madness even. In this exhibition the class give their emotions the space to float free and reflect not only their own perceptions but also those of many other people. The result is a multifaceted and colorful collection that should be a rollercoaster of emotions but also let your mind wander.
The mediums range from printmaking to photography and sculpture. Not only do they show a young emotionality but mirror a process of experimentation and a search for expression of the given topic.

Julian Kadrnoschka, Emma Peinhopf, Laurens Seemann, Bo Yeong Yun, Karina Kwapil, Liam Che Gräfling and Emma Egger have a feeling for you, take it or leave it!